Photography Workshops

Our first workshop focuses on your reaction to, affinity for and synchronicity with color in your home and work environments. The second delves into your mental, emotional and spiritual color affinities to understand your most effective use of color. These workshops explore:

  • The sound and shape of different colors
  • Which colors pull you, push you, set you at ease
  • Interpreting the messages sent you by color
  • Your experience with colors at different ages
  • How to catch and hold colors and their shadows
  • What “making bad art” means and how it sets you free

Half Day | Individual + Groups

The Universe In Your Backyard

The goal is to create photographs that capture the Universe at play in your environment. First, we’ll focus on your personal goals related to qualities such as strength, health, transformation, and happiness. After a brief meditation, we’ll set intention toward insight into reaching your goals. Then we'll take up our cameras, look for areas filled with natural light and have fun with photography.

Half Day | Individual + Groups | Fine art prints, additional